Thursday, 7 May 2015

Afraid of Being Sold To?

Why are so many business people and companies afraid of being sold to via social networks/. Is "No "a fearful word or "I have considered your proposal however we will stick with our current supplier" too big a step. I bet if Henry Ford was around in the digital area he would be rubbing his hands in glee plus if Henry Ford couldn't sell, we all would still be riding around on horses. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others are full of business and business people promoting their offerings, while on the other hand articles are being written on the sheer bottle of a sales person trying to connect with me as to sell me something.
Afraid of Being Sold To?
Yes, some sales people can be too overbearing or blunt when approaching what they believe to be a prospect. Also sales and marketing are guilty at times of not properly nurturing relationships, researching prospects or offering value in social conversations. The openness of social media and the internet has never made it easier for a salesperson, consumer, business, buyer or seller to search, research and being made aware of  brands and companies. 
This social openness can be viewed as a strength from a sellers point of view and maybe a hassle from a buyers point of view. However, most of us use social media in a personal capacity to sell ourselves (career, positions, achievements) or to build our network of connections (because you never know!!) and in a business capacity to sell our wares. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.
The reality is social media has made it easier for a buyer to conduct product awareness and who from or what they would consider purchasing. So saying no when approached has never been easier. Is a fast, agile digital world social selling actuals benefits both the seller (they get to a no or yes quicker) and the buyer (as they can be made aware of products or services faster and easier) can engage or dismiss potential suppliers with less hassle. 
So let is not be afraid of being sold to, rather social media marketing is empowering as to what or who I will buy. Take the good with the bad, all part of the game we play out everyday on social media. 
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Afraid of Being Sold To? | Brian O'Connell | LinkedIn

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