Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Challenge of Generating Sales Leads

Before we can sell, any company needs a pipeline of new prospects to sell to. Yet generating sales leads is a daily challenge for most companies and according to Forbes Magazine, more than 60% of the marketers polled in a recent marketing survey said their greatest marketing challenge for the year ahead was generating more sales leads, and nearly two-thirds (63%) reported that their marketing mix either doesn't meet sales demand or they’re unsure of whether their mix is effective. Nearly 40% of those polled cited accurate measurement and attribution of on-line marketing as their biggest challenge.

Remarkably, a quarter (26%) of respondents said they do not track leads to any marketing program at all or they only attribute leads to one program. The old saying about “They know half their marketing spend works but not which half” seems to still ring true more than ever.

I believe the role of every sales and marketing leader in a company is to boost sales leads. This needs to be attacked on two fronts, online marketing (push,pull,inbound, lead nurturing) and good old fashioned sales work as lead generation cannot be the function of marketing alone.

It is all about implementing social media, inbound marketing and online marketing tactics that work hand-in-glove with the sales development work including hunting activities around customer acquisition and channel development. Successful companies know how to build then fill a sales funnel. Most small companies fail not because they can't sell but because they can't build big enough sales funnel to drive revenue.
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